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‘East Anglia-based artist Natasha Carsberg has a background in both sculpture and garden design, a fact that is reflected in her artworks. Modern architecture, landscape, the rich diversity of gardens and minimalist sculpture are all influences on her work, which also reflects the sensitivity inherent in much good environmental art. The artworks offer us a variety of sensory information and stimulation, seeking to create in the audience an echo of feelings and memories.’

Felixstrolle 2009

‘It’s based on EdvardMunchspainting ‘The Scream’, she made it with her fabricator Neil Gallagher, and it was originally made for the Hampton Court Flower Show where it won a bronze medal. On this occassionand showing, she’s adapted it for the site, and made it more appropriate, by replacing the flowers with textures created from materials found on the site –terracotta, pinecones, willow, turf. All this compliments the sculptural elements that she’s made from metal –representing the figures on the bridge in that particular painting.It was made as a pilot, to take teaching into schools, to get children thinking about how artists make their work, to think about how you interpret something into another material and another dimension –a painting into 3D, into metalwork, into found objects, rather than paint on canvas. So its quite a complex piece, but it was very appropriate to have it here, it was made here, and we are really happy to have it in the show.’

Linda TheophilusCurator Outside 2010